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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Ian Maitland, Bournemouth


We pride ourselves on customer service and rely on referrals and recommendations. Here we have shared a selection of honest testimonials from some of our valued customers. We are also proud to be part of Vouched For and it’s independent way of collecting honest recommendations.

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Stephen Link, Poole

Thank you for navigating my own finances through such a turbulent year. Coming out of the calendar year with more money than I started it is an outcome that looked unlikely in early March. So well done!


Ann Pitchford, Ringwood

 Thanks to you all at Greenfields Financial Management Ltd. You have looked after my finances for the past fifteen or so years, and following your very knowledgeable advice the value of my investments have grown steadily beyond my wildest dreams. Not only have you been an excellent financial adviser, but a good friend too. Thank you so much.


Matthew Norman, London

In any financial era, let alone one as wildly volatile as this, I cannot imagine a finer financial adviser than Ian Maitland. Incredibly experienced, industrious, knowledgeable and trustworthy, he has been a hugely reassuring presence since taking over the management of my pension fund.

He and his excellent team always respond promptly to messages, and always find time to discuss and explain matters –  stock market turbulence, mortgage enquiries,  long term pension planning, etc –  in a manner that even the financial dunce such as myself can comprehend.

Ian’s tireless monitoring of the performance of various fund managers and promptness in recommending switches between them to maximise profits has particularly impressed me.

I cannot recommend Ian and Greenfields Financial Management strongly enough.


Steve Coleman, Langton Matravers

Fund performance very good for me, I am well pleased with how things are going. Investing my funds through Greenfields and following their recommendations has had two positive results for me, I have been able to draw an income from my investment that meets my needs and also watch the capital grow.


Daniel Stanton, Poole

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your services over the past couple of years.  When I transferred my pension management across to you in March 2013 I could never have imagined what a difference it would make to our financial planning for retirement.

I had been concerned for a few years that I would not be able to put aside sufficient pension contributions to allow my wife and I the sort of retirement we would like to have.  With a family to support, I had thought that there were just too many competing claims on my income.  I had been told by a number of different advisers that if I was to achieve my financial goal in retirement, I would need to make further sacrifices elsewhere.

Very little of the financial advice received emphasised the importance of healthy investment returns in meeting my retirement goals.  It seemed to be taken for granted that a pension fund would be allowed to steadily tick along gaining a little in value, but being little other than a glorified (and expensive) savings account.

Since placing my fund with you, I have seen excellent performances over and above the contributions I have made, at a time when the FTSE100 index has been almost flat.  This is already making retirement a much more comfortable prospect for us.  This appears to be down to two things: your judicious fund selection and active management.  You have your ‘finger on the pulse’ of what is happening in the markets and what goes on between funds and fund managers in a way that I have not seen before with other advisers.  My pension fund matters to you.

On the evening of the Brexit vote, I slept well (for the latter part of it) knowing that whatever turmoil the markets presented that night and on the following morning, I would be looked after.  My wife was reassured that “Ian has it all in hand”, that market turmoil is our friend.  You would know what to do so that we would not only be protected, but also be able to take advantage of fluctuations to do better than the financial commentators and ‘experts’ had me believe was possible.  All this came to pass.  Brexit became, for me, the financial benefit that I had always believed would accrue, but certainly not that quickly!

In essence, I could not be in better hands.  Part of me wants to keep your services a secret from the world, as in the world of investments, some may need to lose for others to gain, but I simply cannot allow your small fee for your advice to be your only reward for looking after us and giving us the prospect of security for the future.  I am providing this testimonial to you so that it can be provided to others who do not yet have the benefit of your services but would like the peace of mind that excellent financial advice from a great financial adviser can bring.”


John Farrar, Lytchett Matravers

“Greenfields have supported me in building up my business to the many millions of assets I hold today. The return on my pension has averaged over exemption returns for 26 years.”


Andrew McConnoll, East Sussex

“I wanted to drop you a line of thanks for helping to manage our dosh over the past few years, I’ve no idea of the extent to which you made it multiply, but you were always charming & easy to deal with.”


Allan and Zoe Goddard, Blandford

“Dear Ian and all at Greenfields, thank you all very much for all the effort and hard work you have done on our behalf towards the purchase of the farm.”


Peter Wyatt, West Moors

“A very personal service of first class quality. The advice provided has always been clear and balanced and in my opinion most reliable. I cannot fault the monitoring of my investments. Any disappointing performers are always promptly dealt with after due consideration. Statement of investments is easily understood and is regularly provided. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Greenfields and have recently done just that at a social gathering.”


Paul Holden, West Moors

“The quality of service that Greenfields has provided me with over the last 23 years has been superb and I cannot fault it in any way. The service is reliable, which is important when speed and efficiency are paramount. The monitoring of my funds I feel could not have been any more reliable, given the economic climate that persisted at that moment in time. I would not hesitate in any way in advising anybody to use Greenfields for financial services, as they`ve never let me down.”


Nick Clark, Wimborne

“For me Greenfields epitomises value, honesty and service. The advice and products I have received have always been superbly targeted to my needs, all paperwork is prepared fully and quickly, the monitoring service has kept my investments at the top of the performance tables and the resulting growth has been exceptional. All this delivered in an open, friendly and transparent manner, you couldn’t ask for better!
For a small team I must say that everyone’s availability is excellent. People are easy to get hold of and messages are always returned promptly.

It has always been “no trouble” to arrange appointments to suit my busy schedule. Finally a financial management service with true mutual interest between client and adviser so there’s no need to worry about ‘up selling’. The Greenfields team dynamic works very well, discussions turn into actions rapidly and there is never any need to chase or follow up. The Greenfields investment monitoring service is first class and has really stands the trials and volatility of the markets well. The email service ensures a rapid reaction whenever the need arises. I no longer watch or worry about my investments any more, simply knowing the Greenfields team are on the case is enough.

Shamefully I only recommend Greenfields to my most valued friends. I feel I’ve found a “goose that lays golden eggs” and I just don’t want everyone to know!”


Julia Brooke, Lymington

“The quality of service is excellent. Everything is explained clearly and concisely and nothing is too much trouble. Ian Maitland and his staff are always available to discuss matters promptly. I am notified on a regular basis about changes that Greenfields feel should be made to my ISA. I have also experienced enormous support in setting up mortgages and other investments. I will continue to recommend Greenfields!”


Tony Stead, Blandford

“The quality of service is excellent – Ian hasn’t lost us any money yet! Always there if you need him, either at his office or ours. The best bit is Ian is very proactive, always watching the market and regularly advising us what to do. It’s not just a once a year meeting as with so many financial advisers.”


Danielle Cook, Bournemouth

“I would like to take this opportunity to say how well you have looked after me and my family for almost 20 years, and how you have always been on hand when any member of the family has had financial problems.”


Paul Hockey, Verwood

“Greenfields Financial Management Ltd has over the last 18 years provided me with a helpful, friendly and competitive service. I’ve never needed to go elsewhere – a first-rate service!”


Steve Cooney, Graffam

“Greenfields Financial Management Ltd have been extremely helpful and resourceful, and have offered me a professional and friendly service. They have great knowledge of the financial products available, and have provided me with excellent financial planning for my pension, life assurance, mortgages and investments. “


Dick & Rosie Endecott, Lytchett Matravers

“A friendly and efficient service. Sensible suggestions take the guesswork out of investing.”


Robin & Maxine Humphries, Wareham

“Thank you to the team for the balanced and friendly advice that has been given over many years, which has been so beneficial to us.”


Peter Rufus, Bournemouth

“I have run my own businesses for the last fourteen years and it is important for me to be able to have confidence that my Financial Adviser is taking a proactive approach to the investment of my funds to create the best opportunity for above average growth and can provide an ongoing update of the position. Up until my first meeting with you, I had not found an organisation that seem to be able or willing to provide this quality of service and, as a result, had always worried about the eventual state of my Pension.

This worry was reinforced by situations, such as occurred recently when my funds had hardly grown over the past two years and the, then adviser, was quite complacent. It is my belief that your whole approach puts the quality in financial advice on a very high level and with the use of your planning tools leaves your client with a very clear picture of what should be happening in the future, based on our whole financial picture. I do appreciate that investments do fluctuate, but it gives me confidence to know that you are monitoring the funds that were selected so that pro-active management can create the maximum benefit whilst cushioning the effect of any adverse fluctuations in the market. This is a far cry from what I have experienced in the past.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services, based on what has happened so far and I look forward to a long and profitable relationship.”


David Hassall, Poole

“I have spent twenty or more years trying to find a Financial Adviser who was not actually a product salesman. With Greenfields I have finally found an organisation that is planning for your future and not theirs. I have recently moved, July 2007, mine and my wife’s financial affairs, primarily pension, to Greenfields. Unlike our previous Financial Adviser who, despite the differences, “lumped” mine and my wife’s policies into the same funds, incidentally the same funds everyone else got! Ian took the time to realise our different attitude to risk and position our funds accordingly.

Even to the point that, although we have some similarities in risk, Ian painstakingly selected funds so that we were not putting any of our eggs into the same basket. Through the latest financial crisis, both in the UK and abroad, Greenfields have maintained contact to reassure us and explain the decision behind actions and activities. The growth on our Pensions in the last few months has significantly exceeded the 12 month performance we saw in our previous IFA. I have no hesitation in recommending Greenfields to anyone who wants to avoid the poor service and returns that appear typical of sales orientated Financial Advisers.”

Tony Elliott, Australia

“I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to you and your staff for the help and assistance you have given to Doris over the past years and the excellent way her affairs have been managed. I would also like to thank you for the assistance that you have given to us regarding mum’s recent financial arrangements in the aged care facility as it is extremely difficult for us to deal with these matters living in Australia.”