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Global Update Piece – Written on 17th July 2020

As we move into Quarter 3 of 2020, many will be forgiven for asking where this year has gone! It has been a challenging year for all, know doubt, with these challenges not subsiding when focussing on the end of 2020. Domestically, the UK’s ‘bounce back’ GDP figures disappointed significantly. GDP growth was just 1.8% compared to the consensus estimate of 5%, meaning the recovery feels like its getting pushed further out.[1] Below details the factors that we are looking at moving forward:

All of the above are being constantly monitored by the Greenfields team on a rigorous basis. Recommendations have been made to clients in recent weeks, where we have felt they are relevant. We will remain vigilant for investment opportunities and intend to restructure portfolios significantly once property fund suspensions have been lifted.

Written by Greenfields Financial Management Ltd.

This article is for information only and should not be treated as advice. No action should be taken in respect of this article without independent financial advice. This information represents the opinion of Greenfields Financial Management Ltd. only.


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