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Family & Financial Protection

There are many ways in which an Individual or family can protect itself, Term assurance, Critical Illness, Income protection, Relevant Life plan to name but a few.

Due to the large range of products available, this can be a daunting and confusing prospect. This is where we can help.

At Greenfields, we use our expertise and grounded, down to earth approach to discuss your potential areas of need and walk you through all available options. We can tailor the right solutions for you and ensure you are receiving the best possible value for money, whilst being the correct cover for both your current and future needs

Some of the questions you may want to ask to highlight a potential need for protection are:

Whilst insuring ourselves against an undesirable event such as sickness or even death may not be a pleasant thing to think about, the benefit of being able to set financial issues aside at emotionally difficult times cannot be overlooked.